holiday sorrows

Homemade ornaments are unique and easy to make

For many of us holidays with our pets a joyfilled. We may have a new addition to our family and have lavished them with gifts and stockings.  Many of us have our pets in our adjusted environment. Your pet knows the routine of the holiday–Christmas morning with happy people voices and papers all over the floor and children gleefully embracing their gifts. 

But for others Christmas may bring sadness. They are coming to terms with their pet’s illness. This may be Jasper’s last Christmas.  Or maybe Jasper is already deceased and the holidays resurface grief.  Those of us who are pet lovers understand the emotions of pet loss.  Not all  friends and family “get it”.

Some ways to celebrate your pet’s life during the holidays may include making a photo  ornament .  Set aside a special time to remember  your pets. Display some photos and have each family member speak a remembrance.  This is very helpful for children.  Keep the process simple.  And never force the experience on others who are not genuinely want to participate–that will ruin the experience for you. You could consider a facebook group /instagram for pets for  the holidays. Or just a gathering of like-minded friends.