Canine Influenza

Alert to Dog Owners                                   :
First Case of Canine Influenza in Oregon reported this week.

We have vaccine available– Call for an appointment*

The Portland Veterinary Medical Association, the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, and the State Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Emilio DeBess, are recommending proactively vaccinating of all at-risk dogs for CIV to protect of these patient and prevent an outbreak in our community.

Dogs at increased risk of exposure include but not limited to dogs with lifestyles that include dog parks, dog-daycare, dog shows, grooming, boarding, travel (car, air, etc), rescue animals and dogs with pre-existing heart disease or lung disease, potential senior dogs, and brachycephalic breeds.

Symptoms include sneezing, nasal discharge and frequent coughing that can last for two weeks or more. Some dogs develop more serious disease and pneumonia that requires hospital care.

Most dogs that get canine flu recover, but in the same way the flu affects older humans and those with weakened/new immune systems, young and very old dogs are at a higher risk.

*The canine influenza vaccine is a “lifestyle” vaccine, and is not recommended for every dog.

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