Is CBD oil right for your Pet?

CBD is a great addition to pet care. It may help with seizures,  anxiety, pain, inflammation, osteoarthritis, allergies and cancer.  The process is cannabinoids produce effects in the body by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. Many clients ask me  my opinion. I have seen some animals (dogs) respond and others not so much. There really are no know harmful side effects ( unless THC is product > 3%). The main issue is dosing.

The FDA has not approved the CBD products  for pets (dogs)because there is no predictable outcome. There is no dosing that promises the expected results. For this reason it is a difficult issue. 

There are many manufacturers and the  actual product doesn’t always match what is in the bottle. A certificate of analysis should always be on the packaging.  

If you plan to try the CBD oil on your pets be certain there is no xylitol (toxic) or THC ( read certificate of analysis  less < 3%). Give the same amount every time for a trial period of 7 days. Write down your observations ( how long did it take to be effective, how long did it last, what was the actual improvement?). Then increase gradually so you will know the correct dose for your pet. The CBD is nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp. Your pet won’t get “high”.

My observations. When  a client says the gave their dog some CBD ahead of exam time for anxiety I can tell that approximately 50% of the pets did benefit.

Assessing CBD Products
  • Domestically grown
  • Organically grown, if that’s important to practitioners or clients
  • Recent certificate of analysis that shows percentages of THC, various CBD molecules, other cannabis molecules, results for pesticide and heavy metal testing, and so on
  • Easily accessible online or provided on request
  • Understandable labels, including strength and doses per bottle
  • Not in an alcohol base
  • Details on carrier oils
  • Details on other ingredients or possible allergens