Tick check your dogs

This time of year we are all enjoying the best of Oregon. The outdoors! The clinic has seen 3 cases of tick infestation this week alone. Locations Red Sunset Park, Vella Vista Park, and Sandy between 5/10 and 5/13. Recent nice weather has lead to a large increase in tick cases in our area. Ticks are commonly found on our wooded trails, beaches, and places wild animals frequent. Squirrels and rabbits can bring them right to your front door.

As you and your dog (and cats) enjoy the outings please be prepared for tick control. There are 3  precautions:

Use appropriate tick kill products. For pets there are excellent oral flea/tick products such as Nexgard and Bravecto .  Nexgard is the ONLY product approved by the FDA to prevent Lyme disease infections by killing black-legged ticks. These are the ticks in Oregon. Topcial products include Revolution, Frontline and Advantix.

You can provide protection with the Lyme vaccination for you dog. It is a series of two and then once yearly. 

Lastly , check your dog when you are done hiking. Look around the ears, eyes , under the collar, in the “privates” and between the toes. Take a small toothed comb and do a thorough go-over.  Remember, bringing ticks back to your home will start a new seed site for ticks.

One of the local areas that has LOTS OF TICKS is Powell Butte. I love Powell Butte and it has been beautifully restored. However, this year there are many  of ticks. They come in cycles and it looks to be a bad year for ticks.